Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back Again?

So, while some of you may have wondered "Where has good ol' Sam been?" and others may think, "Oh yeah, that dork has a blog," I figured I owed an update after such a long hiatus. Long and short, I've been dealing with nagging injury after nagging injury. What started with my Achilles last summer migrated up through my leg, it seems. Right now I'm dealing with calf issues. I'm down to massages, aqua jogging and stationary biking. I attempted 20-minutes of running last night on the Clover Leaf, and ended up with a sore/painful left calf...again. Very frustrating, but not letting it shake my confidence at this point. I'm working on just staying fit with other activities while I "heal", so to speak. The time will come where I absolutely HAVE to get back on the roads for training purposes. But right now, Chicago is still just over 6-months away, so I have some time to get things right. I'll begin posting here more regularly with what I'm doing. Lately, I've essentially been up to 30 minutes in the pool and 50 minutes on the stationary, with some core and strength training thrown in. That's all for now!!