Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/11 AM Easy Run, 10.5 Miles

10.5-11 Miles

I started out wanting to do a 6-mile workout, but opted out of that when I was running to the park. There was absolutely no spring in my legs, so I opted for an easy jaunt around the park for a couple of loops before heading home. Made the 2nd loop w/Coach, then headed back down Blossom. Overall, a good feeling run, but glad that I didn't attempt a workout. Was foolish at this point to take risks like that. Likely would have left myself in bad shape...or at least not-favorable shape.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/11 AM Easy Run, 7.1 Miles

7.1 Miles
7:10 avg

Nice run this morning. Got out the door @ 6am, although was hoping for about 5:45. Down Blossom, loop of the park and back. Ran into Sean and Luis about to hit the Memorial loop for 6 Tempo miles @ about 5:25 I'm sure.

Light mist for the 2nd half of the run felt great.

I had been concerned about some knee swelling the last couple of days, but thankfully, it seems to have gone down some today. It was definitely less stiff and was less prominant early and after the run. I still feel tension when I tried to squat all the way down, so there is still fluid or swelling, but it's much less than Sunday and yesterday. Hopefully it's gone within the next day or two.

No PM run today. As much as I'd like to get out for more mileage, right now is still time to be patient and smart. Not that there is a time when NOT to be smart about training, but patience and steadiness to what I set out to do are paramount.

Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17/11 PM Easy Run - 5.2 Miles

5.2 Miles
7:10 avg

I think I made the wrong choice looping the bayou for this run... man, was it muddy at various parts. Even had to stop and really go around the mud at one part underneath Memorial to keep from loosing a shoe. :P

Ran with an iPod for the first time, and only made it through 3 songs before I shut it off and tossed off the ear buds. But, the 3 songs I heard were perfect... one was one of my daughters favorites (Bad Day), then two of my favorites. Indestructible by Disturbed and Lose Yourself by Eminem. Once I heard those 3, I had enough music now planted in my head so I just cruised the rest of the way. Good run.

1/17/11 - AM Easy Run, 4.45 Miles

4.45 Miles
7:06 avg

Just a nice little jaunt down Blossom and around the wooded area just as you enter the park. Going to make a go of 2 runs today. We'll see how it all feels.

AM Run feeling good...check!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/16/11 AM Easy Run

7.3 Miles
6:50 avg

Got out in the cool, drizzly air, and it actually felt pretty awesome. Minor issue that seemed to develop late Saturday was a little swelling in my left knee. There's no pain associated with it, but the swelling is causing some tightness in my normal leg motion. When I got up, this morning, I still felt it, and it was a little tight as I began, but loosened up about a mile in, and I ran without any hindrance or indication that there might be anything wrong. Still, swelling has me a little concerned. I used to get this before when I was younger, but it never seemed to amount to much. Not sure what to make of it, but we'll see.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15/11 - Kenyan Way Long run - 16 Miles

16 Miles
6:48 avg

Great feeling run. I started w/the group, but just gradually started to pick up the pace after only about a mile or two. It wasn't that I was trying to push it, but I just didn't feel like the pace was where I'd like to cruise at. First mile in 7:30-7:40, 2nd around 7:15, and I was just ready to go.

My only real timed miles came about 11 miles in when we finally hit the park, and I was able to reel off a 6:31, 6:22, 6:26 loop of Memorial then headed back to base down Blossom.

If I did one thing wrong today, I didn't stretch after like I should have. My right upper hamstring and glute are a little sore here 3 hours after my run. I will take the time to loosen up and stretch later to work out some of this.

All in all, a great run.

Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/11 PM Easy Run, 7.5 Miles, My Running Efficiency

7.5 Miles

This run began with the idea of cruising easy and just enjoying a nice easy Friday night run. I like running when there are not that many people out. Friday evenings are good for that...Sunday evenings as well.

The first mile came in around 7:30, and I hit Crestwood (2-miles) at about 7:00. As I got to the park, I layed down a 6:22 and 6:18. The best part was the "ease" with which those came about. I had plans of backing off, which I did, until I got a little ways down Blossom when I picked up the pace a little, just cause I was feeling good.


During the last mile and a half, I tried a couple of things w/my stride to work on running relaxed and efficient. I've been told at different times that I'm a pretty efficient runner, but there's always room to improve right? I pretty much based it off watching my shadow as I passed street lights.

I notice a lot of shoulder turn with each step. There's also a little too much arm swing at times...especially when there's a lot of distance to cover. The last thing I noticed, which didn't come from the shadow, was how much up and down motion there was. I could tell in two ways; 1) by how it felt on my legs w/each foot strike and (2) how much my line of vision moved when I had my head up and looking straight ahead.

When I focused on reducing my arm movement to only what was necessary, my shoulder turn automatically seemed to follow suit. In order to alter the "bounce" in my stride, I just tried to mentally picture each push-off from my back foot pushing me forward and not up at all. The other thing was to slightly shorten and quicken my stride. Immediately, when I focused my sight straight ahead there was a difference.

The "problem" this all seemed to create is that I moved faster easier. I wouldn't normally think of this as a bad thing, but definitely in training, these things need to be somewhat in check so as not to trash myself and waste fitness at the wrong times. Definitely this is a work in progress, but it's just a few things I had going through my head as I ran.

I know it sounds like a lot, but with just a little bit of mental attention, these things could be "corrected" without really changing my stride or foot strike. All I want to do is reduce the amount of energy it takes for me to move my body forward. Seems like I might be on the right track. The trick will be to use this during my next workout. Keeping these things in line during a mile repeat or a tempo run will be a little trickier than just during an easy run.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12/11 PM Workout, Tempo Run - 9.4 Miles Total

4 Mile Tempo Run
5:37, 5:40, 5:49, 5:44

3.3-ish miles warm up @ 24:42
2.1-ish miles cool down @ 15:24

I actually missed my first mile, but hit my watch @ 2 miles for 11:17. I definitely fell off late in the workout, but it was good, nonetheless. My goal going in was to extend it from last week by a mile and get all miles under 5:50, which I succeeded at. Even though they splits were kinda all over, doing those 2 things made this a successful run.

Next week, it will be up in the air as to whether I will just try to do another 4-miles but this time even, or if I'll try to do 5-miles @ this pace again. I'm leaning towards being steady. While it was successful, it left a lot to be desired at the effort I had to put forth to get that last mile in. I literally fooled myself into it...just said that I'd stop once I dropped below 5:44 pace... but I was even all 4 qtrs of this mile...1:26, 2:52, 4:18 for each qtr. I was amazed, but each time, just said "OK, another 400m." Fortunately, I got through that last mile.

My radar has gone to two race right now...Bayou City and Angie's Half Crazy Half Marathon. I'm a little disappointed to know that AHCHM has moved to 2 weeks after Bayou City. I was looking forward to an April run and had my goal set with that time-frame in mind. In the next few days I'll look at that race and work backwards on scheduling workouts and mileage.

That's it for me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 - Quick PM Easy Run

3 Miles

Was going to see the one-night showing of Hood To Coast, so needed to squeeze in a quick run after getting out of work just a tad later than planned. Nothing too big about the run. Nice and quick...and cold. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10/11 - PM Easy Run 8.2 Miles

8.2 Miles

Just an easy run down to the park for a loop and back. Nothing too major to report, except that it felt great.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/9/11 PM Easy Run

7.1 Miles

Went out for an easy run, and it turned into a little harder effort, but still felt great. I don't know the mile splits for the entire run, but know that 2 of my miles around the park were 6:18 and 6:12. It wasn't like those two miles were sans effort...I was definitely on it, but it was easy to go at that pace.

Gotta take it easy for a couple of days in hopes of another tempo run this week... a little further, and a little faster than last week's 3 miles @ 5:50.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1/8/11 Kenyan Way Long Run - 15.3 Miles

15.3 Miles
6:59 avg

I felt really good today. A little discomfort in the very early part of the run, but that quickly subsided, and I was able to move well throughout. I never felt like I was pushing the pace, but I was definitely letting myself cruise at a decent clip.

Stretching after...maybe some icing later. See how it all feels tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/10 - 8.2 Mile Easy Run

8.2 Miles

Just an easy trot down Memorial and back with a loop of the park in there. Nothing too spectactular, except that I felt really good. Was holding pretty steady @ 7:00 pace from entry of the park back home. Good run.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/5/11 Workout, 8.5 Miles Total - Updates

Well, I've run each of the first few days of the New Year, but just haven't had a chance to update the blog. I've started keeping a written log of my running for this year, so I'll use that to go back and update when I can. For now, I'll just post this latest highlight for me...

8.5 Mile Run
3-mile Tempo run in middle
5:53, 5:50, 5:50

I initially thought I'd stick with 6-minute pace, but when I got a half mile into the run @ 2:56, and it didn't feel DIRE, I felt pretty encouraged and just decided I'd see how long I could hold that pace. Turned out good, and I was proud of feeling like I was able to maintain the effort for those 3 miles so steadily. I expected the 3rd mile to feel like more effort, but it really wasn't. Although once done, I was definitely done. Good stuff. No negative after effects on the Achilles, so I'm very encouraged.