Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30/10 PM Easy Run, 7.25 Miles, 11.85 Miles for the Day

7.25 Miles

Ran this afternoon with Geoff. I headed down Blossom and we met a little before getting to Crestwood, then looped the park and headed back. I didn't feel any discomfort until the last 2 miles. With about a mile left in the run, I probably could have stopped and not felt bad about anything. I was happy when the pain set in, knowing I'd already made 10-miles for the day. It wasn't too severe, but definitely hampered my ability to push off.

All in all, I feel good about the run. Because the mileage on the road has been going well this week, I called off the aqua jogging for tomorrow morning, opting instead to run again. I think I need to get more and more easy miles on the legs. As I sat and ate dinner, then watched some DVR'd stuff, I rubbed my Achilles. There is a knot/ball on my hurt Achilles that has been there for a while. I've just not given it much attention. The last 3 nights, I've been rubbing it and trying to work it out. All in all, I think it will continue to help. Feeling good about the week so far. We'll see how things go tomorrow morning.

6/30/10 AM Easy Run

4.6 Miles

This was one of the best feeling runs... not an ounce of pain or discomfort. Barely over 30 minutes, but plenty of time to have felt something, and nothing this time out. Great feeling.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 Easy Run, 7+ Miles

7.2 miles

Great feeling run. I'm wondering if my venture into a new trainer might be halted. The Asics DS Trainer may make a come back. Those were my Houston Marathon shoes, and have been the shoes I've worn for the last 3 runs, and they have done me quite well. My next shoe purchase may have to bring that shoe back into circulation, and a couple of weeks later, if possible, add some new Pearl Izumi's. Who knows. Still time to decide that.

Tomorrow, I'm contemplating a morning and evening run. See how that goes. Probably only max out at 10-miles for the day, but the test is to see how the Achilles handles 2-a-day running. Tomorrow's a good time to try it, as I'm meeting my aqua jogging buddy on Thursday morning, then out with my daughter that evening, before she's with me for 4th of July weekend.

Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/10 - 20 Easy Minutes

20 Minutes Easy

Not much to say here...just a couple of things.

The run was cut short as I was way short on time, but I needed to get out the door for a few.
The best part, every step was pain and discomfort-free. I didn't go far, but man did it feel good.

Tomorrow morning, headed to the Y for some aqua-jogging.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

6/27/10 Easy Run - 6.5 Miles

6.5 Miles

Just an easy run to the park for a loop and back. The Achilles felt good, but I did get a little more discomfort than I like about 5 miles in, and decided to walk it on in when I hit 6.5 miles. Just what I needed to do today. It's progress though. Back to back days of running over 30 minutes.

Brick by brick, my friends.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/26/10 Easy Long Run 7.5 Miles

7.5 Miles
7:24 avg

So, went back to the current trainers, not my DS Trainers, and the Achilles was a bother the whole run. By the last 2 miles, it was full on pain. Very aggravating. I'm left with a couple of different options at this point. I believe the heel in the DS Trainers is higher than my current trainers. That is probably stressing the Achilles more with the lower heel. So, for the next few days, till I get my new shoes, I'll be wearing the DS.

Overall, the win in this situation wsa that I ran for nearly an hour, which is the longest I've run in 2 weeks. Good for that, and thank God for that too. Each day that I get out, i just hope that I'm doing the right thing, and not hurting my chances more. The idea of losing more time, though, really weighs on me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Just One Run...

I actually find myself a little nervous about the morning's run. I'll be back in my current trainers... the heavier shoes than I've worn for the last two 30-minute runs. They are probably the most "cushioned" left of the shoes I have.

My next two weeks are a little dependent on how tomorrow goes. I know what I have in mind, should all go well. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I don't need a 100% pain-free run tomorrow. I just need it to not get worse as the run goes on, but to get better. If the Achilles is tight to start out, that's fine. I'm fine with being forced to start slowly and ease into it. But I'm looking forward to the loosening up that happens with each passing step.

As of this coming Sunday, there are 14-weeks till the Twin Cities Marathon. That's 2 weeks of full-on taper, leaving me 12-weeks. I'm convinced I need 10-good solid weeks of goal-oriented training. That means I have 2-weeks of a grace period.

Should this run go well, I'll take the next week to get mileage, but no hard workouts. Down to a one-week grace period. So, if the run DOES NOT go well, I have one-more week to get healthy before I believe I start loosing truly valuable training time. This journey to the Trials has been broken down into segments.

First is this segment between now and Twin Cities. I really want a full cycle of training here to get ready for a majorly fast time that takes me into uncharted territory.

After Twin Cities, there are just about 4 full months till the Chevron Houston Marathon. That gives me 3-4 weeks to recover, then another 9-10 weeks to strengthen for Houston. This will be pretty critical, as recovery and race-prep will be short... just under 4 months. If I can actually improve between those two, that will be huge. That is the goal.

After Houston, there are 8 months to Chicago. There is the possibility for another marathon in there... something in the Spring. Or, if I get the training right, I can run one in August if I can find a cooler one up north somewhere, but I haven't looked into that at this point. Then, comes the final stretch for Chicago. I really have every intention of making the final 12-16 weeks to Chicago the most intense that I have put myself through. Do whatever my body can handle, hopefully, having someone to train with and brutalize at the same time, that way we just beat the heck out of each other. Then, spend 3 weeks or so in "recovery" and get ready to lay it down at Chicago.

I have contingency plans, but this is the main one. Will it happen this way? I don't know, but if there is one thing I HAVE learned in my 34 years of life is that life is what happens to you when you're making other plans.

So, we shall see. We all know... it's not in my's in HIS...

6/24/10 - 30 minute run

Just over 4 miles for this run.
Felt really good... a little discomfort in the first half of the run, but little to none on the 2nd half. It helped take my mind off of it when I started to see lightning....I was runnin' pretty fast after that.

Not sure if I'm going to run today or not. I didn't do it in the morning, so I may not this afternoon, simply to avoid the 12-hour time between runs at this point. I'll save that for after Saturday. If an hour goes well on Saturday, then it will be time to start putting back in the 12-hour recovery time frames between runs and running twice a day.


Just another reason I like Pearl Izumi ads. I love this attitude about running... :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/23/10 - No Run

One more rest day.

If all goes well the next couple of days, it may be the last one for a while. Took full advantage.

Hoping and praying for good Achilles, and total body health from here on out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


30 more minutes on the clover leaf.

Today I put on those DS Trainers, put my heal inserts in, and cautiously headed out the door, out of my complex parking lot, out the gate, and down the road to the clover leaf.

I made my way around there a few times... feeling the Achilles for a little while, then strangely, as the run went on, feeling it less and less. I really focused on form...trying not to let the discomfort, or the FEAR of discomfort, alter my stride. Sean told me yesterday as he saw me looping the clover leaf that my stride didn't look natural, that I was favoring somewhere in it, that it just didn't look good. I'm chalking that up to a few factors that have less to do with actual pain and discomfort, although some discomfort was present. I wouldn't call it pain though.

As I made my way completing the loops and heading back to my place, I felt really, really good. As I ran down my street to my gate, I couldn't help but smile and feel excitement inside.

Not sure that tonight will get a run, but maybe...still up in the air. If I do, again, no more than 30 minutes. Saturday, I'd like to go for an hour or so, depending on how the Achilles responds. I've even gotten a little uncertain as to what shoes to wear.

The DS Trainers were right on the edge of their "life" when I got my next ones, although, as it should be, there were no noticeable signs of the shoes breaking down. The two pair of shoes that have come since, though, both ran longer than they should have. Now, my current pair... definitely heavier than the DS, are coming close to the end of their life, and I have even contemplated that some factors involved with the shoes may be contributing to the decay of my Achilles thus far.

I don't know...I think I may be searching for any answer other than some indication my body can't handle the training... and I refuse to accept that premise. Too much is on the line here.

Pearl Izumi

Just thought I'd take a second to say...

Based on ad campaign, Pearl Izumi is my favorite running shoe company.

Now to get a pair of their shoes to see if I like their footwear as much as I like their advertising.

Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21/10 - 30 minute run, Baby Steps Back to Healthy

30 Minutes on the Cloverleaf
Core w/Kenyan Way

Didn't feel too bad. Not great...but good.

5-Days Down...

So, this is the longest that I've gone w/out running in a while. The Achilles is feeling good, and I'm very much looking forward to Saturday's run... the first run since last Tuesday. I can honestly say I'm not doing all I should be doing, but some of the strengthening exercises are being done, done some stationary biking. More to come tonight.

I've decided that my next trainer will be some sort of Pearl Izumi equivalent to the Asics DS Trainer. In the days that I've taken off, my trainers have been sitting next to my front door, waiting for me. In the meantime, I've been wearing my DS Trainers, two training shoes ago, essentially...maybe 3 trainers ago. Anyway, each time I put them on, they make me feel ready to run. It's weird that a pair of shoes makes me feel that way, but it's evident the moment I put them on my feet. They are the shoes I wore for the Houston Marathon, and wore for a little while after. I switched to more cushioning shoes the last two trainers as I was in a mileage increasing mode. That's been a good thing, but with what's gone on the last 3 weeks, what I feel like I need more than anything is something that is cushioning for my mind and attitude. Dealing with this injury, while coming on the heals of a 5k where I fell apart in mile 3 has done a number on my brain. I need to get my mindset right again. it's getting there, as I'm itching to get out the door for a run.


Friday, June 18, 2010


3 days down.

8 to go.

Next scheduled run, Saturday 6/26. I want to go NOW.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/13 - 6/17 Updates

Well, after the failed attempt at a long run on Saturday the 12th, I took the 13th off, as I had picked up my daughter and two of my nieces, and we were enjoying a little vacation time.

Monday and Tuesday, the 14th and 15th, I attempted some running... 30 minutes on Monday and 45 minutes on Tuesday. The Monday run was good, but Tuesday was on the total other end of the spectrum.

As I walked the last mile home on Tuesday, I decided that I was not running again till Saturday, 6/19. That is 10 full days, and most of an 11th day (will come up about 2 hours short of a full 11 days... I know, way too detailed) of no running. I'm hoping that some exercises and just time off the roads will do my Achilles some good. I've read that stretching the Achilles during this kind of time might actually be doing some additional damage. So, the exercises I'm doing are to stregthen some, but nothing to strain it.

Yesterday, did 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Four different times, I would go hard for a minute, easy for a minute, and alternated back and forth. I'll do more stuff this evening, and just try to keep up the fitness and positive attitude. Right now, it is definitely waning.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updates, 6/2-6/12

So, I have not been very diligent in updating lately. Right now, I'm in injury avoidance mode with my Achilles. Here's what's gone on since my last update to get us to where I'm at now.

From last week, I did end up running Wednesday, 6/2 afternoon for a little over an hour with Cole.

Ran Thursday morning about 7.5 miles, and the same on Friday, 6/3 and 6/4.

Raced Saturday, 6/5, the Impact a Hero 5k in Sugar Land. 2nd Overall in 16:01, with splits of 4:59, 5:06, 5:20...not a good finish there. Unfortunately, on the cool down with new friend Diana Hirst, as we chatted about her race and injuries (the lady has 5 kids for crying out loud, and she was upset at only running a 19:06 on her attempt to return from injury), I struggled through 2 miles @ 17:30. The Achilles was absolutely torched.

Easy attempt at a run later that afternoon. Made it about 3.5 miles, and walked a little along the way.

Sunday, 6/6, got out for an attempted 10 mile run, but made it 8 miles, and had to walk essentially from Crestwood and Memorial back to my apartment. Fortunately, a friend saw me walking down Blossom and offered a ride back to my place. After initially declining, I took it, and was glad I did. Was only about a mile, but still was good to be off the feet.

Monday morning, 6/7, I opted for an easy run over hills, to give the Achilles some rest, but only made it 4 miles in about 32 minutes.

That afternoon, I did 5.25 miles and felt pretty good for that.

Tuesday, 6/8, I skipped a morning run and ran that afternoon for 7.5 miles. Felt decent, but Achilles was still an issue.

Same Wednesday, 6/9, morning, as I did a 6.5 out and back to the tennis center. I did the same thing that afternoon, and ran virtually pain free, for 13 miles for the day. I felt very encouraged.

I did some aqua jogging, 90-minutes worth, at the Y on Thursday, 6/10, morning, then foolishly got out for a 7 mile run in the afternoon. I should have done 4 tops. I got 5 miles in, and had to ease up, till I walked essentially the last 1.5 home. The Achilles was just hurtin' too bad.

Friday, 6/11, I took off.

Saturday, 6/12, this morning, I attempted a long run... hoping the day's rest would get me feeling good. I made it about 8 miles in just under an hour. Then out of frustration with it, I hopped on a stationary bike for 20 minutes in my fitness center.

Looks like, essentially, I will be doing almost all non-running work this week, to keep the fitness up, while I lay off the road pounding on the Achilles.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Post On Nutrition from One of Our Nation's Elite Runners

I know it's updated on the side bar, but I read it today, and man, what a great post with Awesome info.

6/2/20 AM Easy Run, 9.35 Miles

9.35 Miles
7:13 avg
31 Miles For the Week

Definitely took it easy this morning. Felt a little discouraged by the way the Achilles kinda came apart yesterday afternoon, so I didn't want to push it one bit today. Took it easy around 7:45 pace to the park, looped the park around 7:00-7:10 pace. Did a couple of miles with a friend from Facebook, Kevin Pool, then headed back down the road home. Felt good. Did some good stretching and upper-body work at home. More miles to come this evening. May be running with Cole Dailey this evening, as we've exchanged a couple of messages on Facebook, but we'll see if we can get timing worked out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 PM Easy Run, 7.2 Miles, 14.2 Miles for the Day

7.2 Miles
6:52 avg

Easy run to the park for a loop and back. Not too much fanfare. Got a little discomfort in the Achilles late in the run. I seriously think this is fatigue more than anything, but have not gotten a "professional" opinion on that yet. Either way, overall a good mileage day and I feel good about the workout. Looking forward to racing this weekend. I'm not too keen on the idea of decreasing mileage much this week, as I'd still like to get 85-90 miles this week, so we'll see how that goes. I do want to have good legs for the race. I'll have to sorta make a judgement call as the weekend approaches. On the schedule for the remainder of the week is just easy running. Thursday and Friday both should be one-run days.

6/1/10 AM Workout, 7 Miles

7 Miles
3 mile w/u @ 21:46 (7:15)
Workout: 3xmile @ goal 5k pace, w/3-min rest
Actual splits
5:03, 5:01, 4:59
1-mile cool down @ 7:23

Got out this morning and ran the warmup w/James. We chatted some on running and such, then he continued on, while I got my flats on. Sean gave me instructions to shoot for my goal 5k pace for this weekend of 5-flat. I didn't have a ton of confidence, although it's not like my legs felt tired, or taxed or anything like that. I focused on being smooth with each one. The first one was very hard, for some reason. The 2nd, I out loud told myself it wasn't about hammering it, it was about being smooth. The 3rd one was fast, but I really tried to say even. I didn't, as I fell off. 1/4-mile 1:12, 1/2-mile 2:28, 3/4-mile 3:44, mile 4:59. didn't really stay even, but was happy to get one of them under 5:00. We'll see if I can put all 3 of those together withOUT the 3-minute rest in between.

Shuffled through a cool down mile, and headed home to get to work. More miles in the evening.