Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/10 PM Run 7.1 Miles

7.25 Miles
6:48 avg

Nice run around the park. The plan had been to do a progressive run on Wednesday morning with a few guys, but an early work meeting (7am) changed those plans, so I was able to go a little harder tonight than planned. I wouldn't say I ran "hard" tonight, but definitely pushed it a little.

I ran the first 3 miles at just over 7-minute pace, then timed the next two miles @ the park...6:21, 6:16. Then I just cruised it the last 2.2 miles home in about 15-minutes.

Felt good, especially to get those 2 miles in at the park. Those two miles are on the high end of goal training pace for later in the year. They felt good, and it's good to feel the progression of fitness as I work on getting it back.

The Coming Year

So, the end of year is coming and the start of another. In many ways, 2010 was one of the most challenging years of my short life, but I don't know that I've felt more anticipation and eagerness for an upcoming year as I do for 2011.

I may save more for a later post, but I will say this. I'm going to do everything I can to make my biggest running goal a reality. That's what I love about running...it's not subjective. It's not effected by the opinions of those around you. It's cannot be influenced, unless you allow it, by what someone else says, does, writes, types, thinks or whatever. It's almost solely in the hands of the person doing the running. There are specific steps (pun intended) to take in order to become a better runner. There's workouts, paces to hit, miles to complete and a body to keep healthy. All of that is in your control to a large degree.

There's your mindset, your attitude, your willingness and your desire...all of which you control.

There's your motivation, which you are in charge of determining.

Yes, there is a variable here...something out of the control of man. That's the abilities and skills that God has blessed someone with. Granted, some people may be built for running, while others are most definitely not. But if there is one blessing I'm most thankful for (other than my life and my daughter), it's choice. I have the ability to choose what I do each and every day, from the time I get out of bed, the distance I run, the foods I eat and don't eat, the fluids I drink and don't drink, the people I listen to or don't listen to...everything.

But if someone thinks what I'm doing, or why I'm doing it, is foolish, unrealistic or just plain stupid, that's OK. You know why? Because even if you feel insulted by the fact that I believe I can qualify for the US Olympic Trials, even if you think it's a pipe dream, even if you think I have nowhere near the ability to make it, I can still lace up my shoes, put on my running shorts, put on my Boston cap, strap on my Nike watch, and walk out onto Snover or Scotland Streets and hit put in more miles.

This year has seen some changes, and I believe 2011 will be a year of even greater change in my life in many aspects. But these things will not change, barring serious injury and major time off of running: (1) my love for my daughter and desire to do and be everything for her that a man should do and be, (2) humility in my running (and all aspects of life), knowing that all that I have in my abilities and skills can be taken away in an instant if taken for granted, so I have to remember where it all comes from, and (3) my goal to qualify to toe the line at the US Marathon Olympic Trials.

Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/10 - PM Easy Run, 7.35 Miles

7.35 Miles
6:57 avg

Funny that I felt like I took this run so much easier than the prior day...yet only 1-second difference. Ha!

This run saw me feel the most "discomfort" in my Achilles that I've felt in a while, but it wasn't pain for sure. Did some stretching and excercises the last couple of days on it, trying to get myself back into that routine in addition to the running. So, that could have played a role. No weights on it after this run, but will after tomorrow's run.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

12/26/10 PM Easy Run

7.35 Miles

Great run after a great time for Christmas. Daughter was with me for a week, so that made for a great, great time. So, now that she was back with her mom, I came home and just had plenty of emotion to fuel a good run. The miles went by quickly, despite the cold air. Felt great. I'm still not in the shape I want to be in, but I haven't done the running to get there. It's coming though...I can definitely feel it.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

12/25/10 - PM Easy Run

6.4 Miles
45:00 Minutes

Great Christmas Day run. Took it easy in some cold, cold weather. I waited till later in the day to get it done, going at about noon, but it was still cold. Just like the day before, the wind was easier once I got the final stretch of the run. I ran with it at my back and finished feeling good.

Friday, December 24, 2010

12/24/10 - Easy AM Run - 10.1 Miles

10.1 Miles
37:00 (5.6 miles) out
32:10 (5.5 miles) back

Just a great feeling run. Awesome.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12/10 AM Easy Run - 7.25 Miles

7.25 Miles

I started out completely unsure about how I'd feel for this run. I started out and was not feeling great for the first mile or so, but by the time I hit the park, I was moving well and felt pretty darn good.

Minor feeling of small twinges in my hamstrings on both sides, but I feel like that might be the product of about 30 miles in 3 days...a 10-mile average that I haven't been anywhere near in a long time.

Ready for a big week of running.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12/11/10 - Kenyan Way Long Run - 16 Miles

16.1 Miles

I woke up 6-minutes after the start of the run, so I scurried out, got my daily band and hit the route, with the full intention of chasing down the 3-hour group. I skipped two water stops, while stopping at two others, and achieved said goal 9.5 miles into the run. But, I definitely paid the price in the last couple of miles of the run. Nonetheless, a successful run on multiple fronts. Most importantly, just being able to get out there and run pain-free for nearly 2 hours. The best part was not having any major after-effects to the run.

Big-time confidence booster.

Friday, December 10, 2010

12/10/10 - PM Easy Run - 7.35

7.35 Miles

Awesome run for one reason alone...this was my route. My route that I ran time after time during my 100 mile weeks. I stayed away from it until I felt like I could make the whole route. Good to run it, feel good and complete the route.

I won't say I'm discomfort free, but definitely pain-free. Looking forward to a good long run tomorrow. Still unsure of the mileage. I may just go with 12-13, but may stretch it to 16. We'll see.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/9/10 - No Run

Just didn't happen.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/8/10 Lunch time Easy Run - 5.7 Miles

5.7 Miles

I had gotten out to meet a few folks for a run around the bayou, but they ended up not showing, so I just cruised it on it and had a pretty good run from it all. All systems functioned well, and so far all systems a-go.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/7/10 - PM Easy Run - 5 Miles

5 Miles

Easy loop of the bayou. Nothing too special, except that I enjoyed running a loop of the bayou again. It's where I did a lot of my early running when I first began to get semi-serious about running, and it's where I will always feel at-home running. Felt good, and no Achilles issues during or after. Progress is good to this point.

Tomorrow, lunch time run and appointment to see how all is looking. Looking forward to both.

Monday, December 6, 2010

12/6/10 - No Run

Wasn't planned that way, but I'm not quite ready for 7-days of running, so I was okay with not running today.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/5/10 Easy Run - 6.2 Miles

6.2 Miles
23:33 out
22:35 back

At the end of a long, tiring weekend, I really didn't feel like running when I got home from dropping off my daughter at her mom's. It was close to 7, and I was just tired, but I got myself out the door for what initially was just going to be 30 slow minutes. But, as the run progressed, things felt better and smoother. I can tell I'm heavy, just by the sound of my feet hitting the ground, but I moved well and felt good. So, I took it all the way to the Tennis Center and back. Happy to negative split the run. Things are feeling better with each passing week.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/4/10 Kenyan Way Long Run - 13.8 Miles

13.8 Miles

Awesome run, although I was reminded repeatedly of just how much fitness has been lost. I'm still out of shape and not able to run like I did before, and every time I forgot that and picked up the pace, my body reminded me shortly after that I could not maintain it. I did it the first time about 3 miles into the run and thought about turning back where the run would have been around 10-miles. At the point I could have turned back, I noticed that EVERYONE took off and went for the extra 4-miles, so doggoneit, I went with them. Actually, I started behind everyone as I was ready to run the other way, but decided last minute to head the same way they were. I fully expected to catch up to them before we made it all the way around Rice U, but boy was I wrong. As a matter of fact, I lost ground to them, only catching up at the water stop. Quite humbling.

I ran back with a new girl who is relatively new to Houston, and she helped push me through the final miles.

Overall, a great run that I feel really happy for having completed. Additionally, no lingering negative effects on the Achilles...I guess we'll know that for sure after my Monday appointment. But it was a good sign when I reffed and coached my daughters soccer game just a couple of hours later that I was able to run up and down the field without giving the Achilles a 2nd thought. Things are definitely looking up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3/10 Easy Run - 6.2 Miles

6.2 Miles
23:01 out
22:04 back

I knew I needed to get a run in this afternoon, even though it was a day I get my daughter. I had my parents pick her up and got a few miles in, knowing I'll be running long again on Saturday.

Good run to the Tennis Center and back. After a few days of not running, I think I expected the Achilles to feel worse than it did...didn't feel great, but didn't feel bad. Happy with the run and how all felt and functioned.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2/10 - No Run

After not running the last two days, and not getting up this morning to run, I hoped to get home after spending the evening w/my daughter with some steam left in th engine to run, and it just didn't happen.

Looks like a 4-day running week this week. Still I will look to match last Saturday's mileage this Saturday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/1/10 - No Run

This was NOT planned...ARGH!!!