Tuesday, April 17, 2012

9-Mile Progressive Run

I haven't posted in a while, but last night's workout with my buddy Dan was definitely blog worthy.

We met up at Kenyan Way base and took off towards the park. A mile in, we started our progressive run. Started @ 7:30, and I ended up at the last two miles between 6:15-6:20. He dropped down to 5:50, but Lord knows, I don't have that in me yet.

Then we ran the 3 miles back to base and called it a day. It was about 10-11 miles for him as he ran to base then back home, while I got in my car, and drove home. All I can say is that it felt good to do a workout like that, and having someone to push/pull me along to a harder effort was great.

It's funny how at 9 miles, I felt better after this workout than I did going 11 miles on Saturday. That's ok though.

I need that more. Progress folks... slow and steady, but progress nonetheless.

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