Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/26/12 Run and "Workout"

6 Miles
2.2 miles "hard" @ 13:45 (6:15)

So, I had wanted to begin doing some workouts this week, and decided that even though I didn't feel good when i started the run, I needed the effort. So, as I hit a portion of the run that puts me on a slightly curvy, but mainly straight part of the route, I just decided it was time to start doing some harder running. And not having done it for a while, I could tell that I was going to have a rough go about 2 minutes into it.

Nonetheless, I maintained my pace as evenly as possible, although, truth be told, I was definitely slower in the last half mile of this effort. Maybe something like 6:10, 6:20 for my 2 miles.

Either way, it felt great, even though it hurt. I'm glad I did it, and am kinda anxious to get going with more of that.

I may be taking tonight off, but we'll see...with my daughter till about 8pm, so could be a little tough to get out for a run after that. Later!


  1. How's that diet thing working out?

  2. Just fine, thanks for asking. Good to have fellow bloggers who care.