Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/15/12 - Tempo Run

Nothing too terribly impressive...just got out and did some tempo miles, and it felt pretty good.

6:13, 6:17, 6:15, 6:22
6.5 miles

Felt good to get a few faster miles in when I feel as slow as I feel.  Right now, I'm definitely setting a little internal goal of just one sub-6-minute mile.  That seemed to once be a regular thing.  NOW, it's a definite milestone.  But one I am definitely moving towards.

As for this run, I started out faster than I'd planned...wanted to come in that first mile somewhere around 6:20-6:25, like the last time I did this.  But once I saw that first mile, I just hung in there as long as I could.  The 4th one was DEFINITELY the hardest one, but feeling good that I pushed through to the finish.  Feeling better and better with each passing mile...

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