Monday, August 6, 2012

Still Plugging Along

Well, gang, running has still been happening, but it's slooooooooow progress.  I have had no choice lately but to increase mileage, whether it feels good or not.  :-)  I am signed up for the Chicago Marathon and need to do whatever I can to make that thing the LEAST painful endeavor possible.  I'm already resigned to the idea that it will likely be my slowest marathon...slower than my first one @ 3:14. 

Having said that, running is feeling better and better...going just a little longer each week feels better than it did before to push. 

As things get more worthy of discussion, I'll be more apt to post.  But for now, my running still feels so "mortal" and "average", although in all honesty, it's probably more accurate to say it's below average.

For those that continue to check in and read, I appreciate the little bit of traffic my little corner of the internet receives.  I really enjoyed when I first began my shortlived journey to attempt an Olympic Trials Qualifying time, my readership went way up.  Now, I'm back to humdrum mode and don't have much exciting to post about, at least not in the running realm. 

Hopefully, as I continue to get into better shape, I'll embark on something as equally exciting as a Trials qualifier time.  Till then, thanks again for the reading and the time.

Later gators!

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